Salome Nangah Masaa Agbome, M. Sc. in Journalism

Foto: Ricardo Vigh


DLGS, ABS Haus 116, August-Bebel-Str. 30, room 07-011

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Working title: Exploring Failed Migration: Case of Cameroonian Post-Migrants from Gulf Countries


Misperception or neglect of information pertaining to working conditions in host countries often force migrants to return to their home countries after facing several difficulties. A possible source of these misperceptions could be related to the use of social media applications such as Facebook. This research investigates the concept of failed migration in Cameroon by reviewing which sources of information are useful for potential migrants, what uses migrants make of social media and the role of institutions and social groups in the migration process. Semi-structured interviews with Cameroonian post-migrants who returned home from Gulf countries will be used to narrate migrant experiences. While contributing to research, this study will provide insights on the factors that account for failed migration. Also, it will give suggestions on how cities can become more inclusive for migrants and possibly reduce the rate of failed migration.