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MPhil Development Studies (Specializing in Geography)



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DLGS 2018 (2018-2021)



Doctoral Thesis

Working Title:
Governance and Informal Sector: A Case of Solid Waste Management in Kathmandu, Nepal

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wende

Due to rapid urbanization and higher living standards, municipalities in developing countries face the challenge of managing the disposal of solid waste. This dissertation analyzes the reasons why municipalities still dispose of such waste in open areas and landfill. By applying concepts of governance and governmentality, the aim is to identify, examine and interpret the structure of the solid waste management system as well as the relationship among actors constituting the system. Investigating the case of Kathmandu metropolitan city, the study will illustrate how various key actors, including those from the informal sector, are perpetuating the current system of solid waste management in the city. Quantitative and qualitative data is gathered by means of interviews, field observation, focus group discussions and document analysis. The interviews and discussions are conducted with local households, municipal officials, non-government organizations, private companies and informal waste workers. Results are intended to contribute towards a better understanding of waste management in cities at a similar level of development. Additionally, the study will provide recommendations for creating sustainable waste management systems in urban areas that share similar capacities and governmental rationalities.

Keywords: urbanization, solid waste management, governance, urban political ecology




Since 3/2018
Doctoral Student at TU Dresden, Faculty of Architecture
8/2015- 7/2017
Development Studies specializing in Geography, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Degree: Master of Philosophy Development Studies
8/2009- 7/2013
Development Studies, Kathmandu University
Degree: Bachelor in Development Studies

Professional Experience

8/2017- 12/2017
Volunteer (Women Professionals in Land-Use Sector WPLUS)
12/2013 – 06/ 2015
Program Assistant (Professional Women Support Group – Affiliated to Transparency International Nepal)
8/2013- 12/2013
Intern (Norlha -Helping People in the Himalayas)
11/2012 -02/2013
Intern (Community Development Section-Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City)


Norwegian State Scholarship
Himalaya S.J.B Rana grant for Bachelor Thesis