Programme and Activities

The DLGS offers an academic program and activities to support the development of a spectrum of knowledge and skills required for a PhD in the field of spatial sustainability science. This combines a variety of formats, both compulsory and elective, that also reflect the specific needs in the different stages of a cumulative or monographic dissertation. 

The common curriculum includes core, subject, methodological, and skill development courses . Additionally, fellows may choose courses from the wide ranging program of the Graduate Academy of TUD. For all international students, language courses in German are also supported.

To foster inter- and transdisciplinary competences, joint co-creation labs are organized to enhance fellows' ability to think outside the box, to engage productively with other disciplines as well as non-science stakeholders, and to develop skills and reflexivity in terms of knowledge co-production and co-design. 

The DLGS summer school  is an important milestone. It offers individual feedback, expert input and opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange in the wider community of doctoral students in the field. Organized in conjunction with the IOER annual conference, the summer school combines training, workshops, seminars and lectures, and involves invited international experts, as well as members of the DLGS Management Board and IOER senior researchers.

Moreover, the DLGS program is further enriched by a variety of other regular events and formats in which fellows can get involved. This includes for example the monthly IOER Forum (science or policy oriented), the doctoral student days at IOER and in the Leibniz Research Network R (Spatial Knowledge for Society and Environment), the Dresden Nexus Conference , as well as various other scientific events at either IOER or TUD.

Last but not least, the DLGS also thrives with a number of informal gatherings and social events beyond the curriculum that make a community of young researchers cohesive, livable and inspiring. 

DLGS program and curriculum


Photos (from top to bottom): R. Vigh, S. Ranjha, R. Vigh (IÖR-Media)