Governance and Management

The governance structure of the DLGS ensures strategic orientation, scientific quality control and interdisciplinary support for the graduate school and its fellows. It comprises the Management Board, the Advisory Board, the scientific coordinator, as well as organizational arrangements for individual supervision and mentoring.

The Management Board is the executive body of DLGS. It is in charge of developing the overall scientific profile and program. The board is composed of four full professors of TUD, two of which are also staff members of IOER, and the DLGS scientific coordinator. It is chaired by the Director of IOER.

The Advisory Board includes renowned experts from a range of fields, both national an international. It advises the Management Board on strategic as well as practical questions concerning the future development of the DLGS.

The Scientific Coordinator is responsible for designing and implementing the academic program and its formats, as well as the selection, evaluation and supervision process for the fellows.

The individual work of DLGS fellows is overseen by a Supervisory Board. It is composed of three thesis supervisors from IOER/TUD and possibly other universities.

Each DLGS fellow is additionally supported by a personal Mentor working at IOER. The Mentors are senior scientists who offer orientation and help regarding diverse scientific and practical issues.

Members of Management Board

Prof. Dr. Christina Dornack, Director of the Institute of Waste Management and Circular Economy, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, TU Dresden 

Prof. Dr. Artem Korzhenevych, Chair of Environmental, Urban and Regional Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, TU Dresden

Prof. Dr. Antonia Kupfer, Chair of Macrosociology, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, TU Dresden

Prof. Dr. Marc Wolfram, Director of the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER), and Chair of Spatial Development and Transformation, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, TU Dresden

Members of Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Annika Mattissek, Chair of Economic Geography and Sustainable Development, University of Freiburg

Richard Lorch, Editor-in-chief of the journal “Buildings & Cities”

Prof. Simon Joss, Professor of Urban Futures, School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Glasgow

Prof. Dr. Andreas Klee, Head of General Affairs, Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association (ARL)

Prof. Dr. Michael Ahlheim, Chair of Economics, esp. Environmental Economics, Regulatory and Consumer Policy, Universität Hohenheim

Thomas Knigge, Consultant, Knigge Marketing & PR