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Master of Science in Development Planning and Management



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DLGS 5 (2015-2017)

Doctoral Thesis

Working Title: 
How Access to Land and  Institutions affect Urban Forestry Development. Case Study of Kumasi, Ghana

Prof. Dr. Norbert Weber, Technische Universität Dresden

Cities around the world are faced with severe challenges that make life difficult for the growing population. These problems include air pollution, flooding, urban heat island effect and windstorms. Now there is a strong emphasise on resilience. Urban forestry-defined as the management of trees in cities for human wellbeing, has been suggested as a strategy that can help cities manage these problems. However, urban forestry especially in developing countries faces several problems and research gaps that must be addressed before the benefits can be realized. Increasingly problems in urban forestry are related to land access and exclusion, unclear institutional framework for governance and challenges related to low public support and participation.
This study addresses these problems and the specific objectives are: (1) to assess public perceptions and attitude toward urban forestry, (2) to analyse the institutional frameworks for urban forest governance and (3) to explore how access to land affect urban forestry development. These are crucial but little studied issue to date. Drawing on a case study approach with mixed methods in the city of Kumasi, Ghana, the overall goal of this dissertation is to contribute to theoretical discussions on access and institutions as well as on policy recommendations for improving urban forestry in the case study area.

Key words: Property Rights, Actors, Urban Forestry and Case Study 



Research Interests

Urban Forestry, Property Rights, Climate Change, Conflicts and Resilience 





since 03/2015
Doctoral student at the Leibniz School, TU Dresden, Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Study of  Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economy (SPRING) at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana
Academic Degree: Master of Science in Development Planning and Management.
Master Thesis: An Assessment of the Conflicts between Pastoralists and Farmers in Agogo in the Asante Akyim North Municipal Assembly.
Supervisor: Dr. K. O. Agyemang, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
Study in Natural Resource Management at KNUST Ghana.
Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science
Study in Natural Resource Management at KNUST Ghana. 
Academic Degree: Diploma (Distinction)                                                             


since 03/2015
Scholarship holder at the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS)
Alexander von Humboldt Climate Protection Fellowship
Ghana Government Scholarship
Tropenbos International Fellowship
Ghana Cocoa Board Scholarship

Professional Experience

Program Coordinator / A Rocha Ghana
Research Officer / Tropenbos International Ghana
Extension Service Specialist / Community Water and Sanitation Agency, Ghana.
Tutor / IBT Schools Limited Ghana 


Opoku P., (2015). Economic Impacts of land-use Conflicts on Livelihoods. A case study of Pastoralists-farmer Conflicts in the Agogo Traditional Area of Ghana. Journal of Energy and Natural Resource Management. Vol.2. 

Opoku P., (2014). Exploring the Causes and Management of Pastoralists-Farmer Conflicts in Ghana. Journal of Energy and Natural Resource Management, Vol. 1, No. 3, 170-175.