Friederike Seifert

M. Sc. in Economics



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DLGS 7 (2017-2019)


Doctoral Thesis

Working Title:
Urban inequality, Spatial Concentration, and Economic Development

Prof. Dr. Marcel Thum, Technische Universität Dresden

Overall income and within-city inequality: Evidence from a U.S. metropolitan area panel
Recent papers have studied short-run determinants of within-region income inequality in samples of several European countries. However, their results may be influenced by unobserved time-varying country characteristics. This paper examines the within-city short-run income-inequality relationship in the USA using annual panel data from 2006 to 2016. Application of a metropolitan-area fixed-effects regression model reveals contradictory correlations between changes in mean and median income to changes in inequality: An increase in mean income is associated with an increase in inequality, while an increase in median income is linked to a decrease in inequality. Top incomes appear to drive the positive mean income-inequality relationship.(First paper)


Research interests

inequality, urban economics, GIS 



since 03/2017
Doctoral Student at the TU Dresden, Faculty of Business and Economics
Study of Economics at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Academic Degree: M.Sc. in Economics
Study of Economics at the University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Academic Degree: B.Sc. in Economics


Scholarship for a doctorate at the TU Dresden by the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS)