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DLGS 7 (2017-2019)


Doctoral Thesis

Working Title:
Urban inequality, Spatial Concentration, and Economic Development

Prof. Dr. Marcel Thum, Technische Universität Dresden

Local income inequality, population concentration, and economic development have all been studied extensively. However, little is known about their interrelationships. Therefore, this cumulative dissertation studies these interrelationships in three self-contained papers. The first one examines the relationship of intra-urban income inequality and economic growth at the metropolitan area level in the USA. It uses recent data from the US Census and the American Community Surveys. This allows for a longer study period than previously possible and an investigation of the effects of the 2008 economic crisis on this relationship. The second and third papers concern the relationship of spatial concentration and aggregate economic growth at the country level in a worldwide sample. For this purpose, paper 2 constructs novel spatial concentration measures based on lights at night and population raster data. Taken together, this provides the basis for new insights into the abovementioned interrelationships from cross-section and panel regression analyses (papers 1 and 3). These insights will also enrich the debate on inclusive growth and inclusive cities.


Research interests

inequality, urban economics, GIS 



since 03/2017
Doctoral Student at the TU Dresden, Faculty of Business and Economics
Study of Economics at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Academic Degree: M.Sc. in Economics
Study of Economics at the University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Academic Degree: B.Sc. in Economics


Scholarship for a doctorate at the TU Dresden by the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS)