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DLGS 8 (2018-2020)


Doctoral Thesis

Working Title:
Urban renewal and housing constraints for the poor: A case of Kigali, Rwanda.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Bernhard Müller, Technische Universität Dresden

In developing countries urban renewal policies have been regarded as a sound approach to dispose of blighted areas and to revitalize the urban environment. However, they have attracted criticisms in the literature for undermining the livelihoods of the poor by causing displacement and loss of housing. Drawing on the case of Kigali city in Rwanda, this dissertation examines urban renewal effects and outcomes on housing for the poor and how institutions account for and respond to the consequences on the affected households. It applies a combination of critical review of documents, field observations and semi-structured interviews with major urban actors. The results will contribute to the understanding of policy implications for urban renewal with regards to strategies and organization needed for making housing more affordable and accessible to the urban poor. The study will further make contributions to theoretical discussions concerning distributive justice and sustainable urban renewal.

Key words: Urban renewal, policies, housing, poor, Kigali



Since 03/2018
Doctoral student at TU Dresden, Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Studies in Global Urban Development and Planning, University of Manchester
Academic degree: Master of Science
Studies in Real Estate Management and Valuation, Kigali Institute of Science and Technology
Academic degree: Bachelor of Science


Assistant Lecturer, School of Architecture and Built-environment/University of Rwanda
Data Manager, study on understanding the dynamics in unplanned settlements in Kigali city by Laterite and IGC (International Growth Center)
Teaching Assistant, School of Architecture and Built-environment/University of Rwanda
Administrative and program Assistant, Tulane International, LLC


Scholarship award to undertake doctoral studies at TU Dresden by Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS)
Equity and Merit Scholarship award to undertake master’s studies by the University of Manchester
Scholarship award to undertake undergraduate studies by Generation Rwanda Inc.