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How to apply?

Do you possess a Master's degree in a relevant field? Do you have an innovative research idea to conduct as part of DLGS? See if you meet the requirements, and how to prepare your application.

Current call for scholarship positions

What challenge will the next generation of DLGS fellows focus on? Our calls for scholarship application are published in June and close in September.

Selection Process

When is the right time to prepare an application, and what makes a successful application? Here is how we select our fellows.


What are the frequently asked questions concerning DLGS applications - and our responses.

Rolling Applications

Do you have a proposal on a topic beyond the current call that closely matches the DLGS scientific profile and remit? Find out more on how to submit an application on open topics.

Visiting Doctoral Candidates

Are you planning a short term research stay at DLGS as a part of your PhD? Learn more about an exchange opportunity at DLGS